Box gutter replacement Geelong

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Box gutter replacement Geelong
Box gutter replacement geelong
Box gutter replacement
Box gutter replacement Geelong

Old box gutter

Old box gutter with the rain head exit to the left which forces the water to have a change in direction and is now non compliant under the VBA.

The new box gutter with the rain head at the rear of the building which ensures the water only flows in one direction.

At this job in Geelong East we took out the rusted old box gutter and replaced it with a new box gutter.  The old box gutter had a change in direction which is non compliant under the VBA regulations.  To overcome this we installed a new rain head at the rear of the building to ensure the flow of water is in one continuous line.  An overflow was then installed into the rain head to ensure compliance to the VBA.


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