Metal Fascia Cover Installation

Improve the look of your home with metal fascia cover.

Metal fascia cover is becoming increasingly popular and is the ideal solution if you are wanting to improve the look of your with minimal maintenance.  Where ever timber fascia boards are, metal fascia boards can be installed over the top to give you a long term and low maintenance alternative to timber fascia.  If your timber fascia is rotting and it goes unattended, the entire guttering will eventually collapse due to the lack of support.  By repairing, and covering it with metal fascia, you will protect yourself from a large repair bill and prevent other structural issues from occuring to your entire roof.

Metal fascia cover comes in the complete range of colorbond colours so there is something that will match every home.  To get some inspiration for your home take a look at our colorbond colour range page.

Our licensed tradesman have over 20 years of roof plumbing experience and all of our work is guaranteed.  We provide Geelong home owners with expert solutions, honest, informed advice, and precision installations. So, our customers can be confident in the knowledge that only top quality products from quality assured manufacturers are quoted and used in all our work.