Colorbond® Steel Colour Charts

Looking for some inspiration to help you decide on which Colorbond Colours to choose? Below are some useful links to Colorbond brochures and the Colorbond Online Visualiser to help with the process of choosing your new roof:

The Colorbond steel colour chart brochure shows you the 22 different Colorbond colours in the classic and contemporary range.  These colours can be used for roofing, walling, gutters, fascia, downpipes and sheds.

Colorbonds new Matt look steel comes in 5 different colours to give you a softer look in neutral tones. This can be used for roofing, walling and gutters.

The Colorbond Create brochure gives some great tips on how to choose the best colour for you home.  It helps guide you through the creative process of building your home.

The 22 different Colorbond Colours also extend to their range of gutters, fascia and downpipes.  Gutters can come in a wide range of profiles, styles and sizes.  While downpipes can be either round or rectangle.

If you are unsure of which Colorbond colour to choose for your home, click on the Colorbond Online Visualiser below.  It’s a great tool that allows you to choose an exterior that resembles your house, then you can mix and match the colours of the roof, fascia, gutters and downpipes from their range.

Please note that colours may vary depending on your screen.

We have also written a great blog to give you some tips on how to choose colours for the exterior of your house.  Click on the link below: